Drinking from the fire hose…an exciting beginning

Ohio University Sales Centre Human Business Team plus Nate Riggs in action.

Picture this…7 college students…2 advisors and Nate Riggs (social media guru)…6 hours at the Ohio University Sales Centre drinking from the fire hose.  You may ask yourself, what is drinking from the fire hose? We would like to say it’s doing something intensely…doing social media intensely.  What an experience.

Nate Riggs traveled to Ohio University in Athens, OH from Columbus for what reason? The Ohio University Sales Centre’s Symposium which will be taking place on May 20, 2010.  Nate is one of our contributing speakers for the symposium and will be teaching all attendees how to sell on the social web without selling at all.  In addition to Nate Riggs, Roger Courville will also be speaking on using virtual presentations to sell more.

So why should your company drink from the social media firehose? We learned Friday that social media is not all about marketing, rather making connections.  What company wouldnt want to make more connections that lead to more prosepcts, leads, and ultimately sales.  Social media will change the face of selling as we know it today–or maybe it already has.  By creating a Linkedin, Facebook or a Twitter for your company, you can not only make more connections that can lead to potential business but you can get the word out about what’s new at your company.  To students eager to get in the sales world, learning this information now is already putting us a step ahead.  By attending the spring symposium your company can gain a competitive advantage–similar to what our human business team experienced right here in Athens on Friday.

Check out this clip of Ohio University Sales Centre Candidates drinking from the fire hose on Friday!

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