Networking 101

Sales Centre Candidates Networking with Corporate Partners

Does your professional network need a boost?

Last Monday, Chris Johnson spoke with us about the importance of setting goals. One of my business goals, ever since I joined the Sales Centre, has been to increase my professional network. Here are just a few things that have helped me build my professional network and meet some very interesting people.

– Attend professional education events (corporate partner recruiting fairs, Alumni Experience Day, the Sales Symposium, etc.) By attending these events, I have met many successful individuals. Something that I have learned is that while introducing yourself, exchange business cards and after your conversation, write down the key points of your discussion and information about the individual. This will help you remember important information for a follow-up letter or a future conversation.

– Follow up with professionals after speaking with them or after an interview. By following up with professionals, you are separating yourself from others who didn’t take the time to do so. By thanking them for their time, you will build closer relationships with them and you will be more likely to stand out when applying for an internship or full-time position.

– Strive to be on the ambassador’s club. By being on the ambassador’s club, you will be noticed by corporate partners as a dedicated member of the program. This is a very effective way to stand out in the Sales Centre and is a very valuable talking point while in an interview or speaking with professionals.

– Follow the Sales Centre on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for information on what’s new in the program and upcoming events.

These tips have been helping me to achieve my goal of acquiring a larger professional network. By taking the initiative to implement these actions, you will see your professional network grow along with yourself. Take these extra steps and continue to “be the difference.”


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