The medium IS the message

Roger Courville will be a speaker at The Schey Sales Centre’s annual Sales Symposium at Ohio University on May 20th. Roger is the founder of 1080 Group, an independent consulting training firm that helps companies design and optimize online presentations and web seminars. Roger is also the author of The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook. Roger will be speaking at the Sales Symposium about virtual presentations and about basic communication issues that businesses face today.

Why Speak at the Symposium?

We asked Roger Courville why he agreed to speak at the Schey Sales Centre Symposium; he said there were several reasons he agreed. First, he met Ray Taylor, a PSAB Board Member for the Schey Sales Centre, on Twitter. Ray instantly sold him on the Sales Centre and Ohio University. A second reason he agreed is because he is a teacher at heart. He loves what he does- teaching professionals how to communicate more efficiently. Roger was quoted saying, “I love what I do. If I can help people NOT to make the common mistakes, it is worth it. If I can save someone pain- that’s great!”

To hear more about how to effectively communicate, learn how to organize and accelerate web seminar production efforts, and more about virtual presentations- register by May 17th to attend the Sales Symposium.


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