Human Business Team- On the Road

On Friday, April 30th, members of the Human Business Team traveled to Cincinnati to visit Sales Symposium Platinum Sponsors, Total Quality Logistics and 5/3 Processing Solutions. Our first stop was Total Quality Logistics where we met Vice President of Sales Jeff Montelisciani. Jeff was nice enough to show us around his awesome facility, complete with basketball court, a huge server room, and a friendly working staff available day and night. After our tour, Jeff was able to take some time to talk to us about Total Quality Logistics, his excitement for the upcoming Sales Symposium, and his advice for students entering a career in sales.

Nate Marshall and Katie Marvinney with Jeff Montelisciani at TQL

Our next stop was downtown Cincinnati to visit Bob Balogh, Vice President Commercial Merchant Sales Director for Fifth Third Processing Solutions. Bob was also available to talk to us about Fifth Third Processing Solutions, what he looks for in a job applicant, and what topics he’s looking forward to hearing about at the upcoming Sales Symposium.

Luckily we had our cameras ready and captured the valuable insight from these two sales professionals. Click below to check out the first video from our interview with 5/3 Processing Solutions and Total Quality Logistics.


5 responses to “Human Business Team- On the Road

  1. Great work Nate and the rest of the team that went to Cincinnati! I can’t wait to meet Jeff and Bob at the Symposium. Thanks TQL and Fifth Third Processing Solutions for supporting the Sales Centre, we appreciate everything you do!

  2. This was such an AMAZING experience! I’m so glad you decided to take me along! Both TQL and Fifth Third were so helpful, we all learned so much from Jeff and Bob. I am so excited to see everyone at the symposium next Thursday!

  3. It’s awesome to see these two sponsors excited to come to the Sales Symposium! I’m really looking forward to meeting them.

  4. Great video Nate! That trip was such a success! Can’t wait to see the rest of the videos!

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