Why should YOU come to the Schey Sales Centre Symposium? Hear it from the best!

Ray Taylor, Region Sales Manager at Standard Register is one of the Schey Sales Centre’s Professional Sales Advisory Board members. Ray has attended various Symposiums in the past and took part in locating the speakers for this year’s event. Ray Taylor has given a great deal of his time and knowledge to the Schey Sales Centre and has continued to be an advocate of the program year upon year.  The first speaker at this year’s Symposium is Roger Courville and he will be speaking about using virtual presentations to sell more.  The second speaker, Nate Riggs, will be discussing selling on the social web by not selling at all! Read what Ray has to say about this exciting event just one week away!

“Media is a marketing trend which sales people cannot ignore. It gives salespeople the power to connect with others. Historically, salespeople look to corporate for leads and corporate will blast emails to mass amounts of people. Social media allows salespeople to target messages and make them relevant to the customer. Media is giving sales people a way to participate in marketing and drive it, while still building their credibility. They can build this credibility through using websites such as LinkedIn. “

One of the events speakers, Roger Courville, actually spoke to some of Ray’s salespeople recently. Read what Ray had to say regarding his presentation!

“These salespeople need to get a lot done without increasing their travel expenses. Roger talked about how to close more sales through various technology tools—such as webinars and online presentations. Online presentations allow one individual to guide the other through a document without being at the same location. These tools Roger will talk about can help a company both internally and externally. Roger will help business professionals take their first few ventures into this virtual technology so it can benefit their company and decrease intimidation.” Ray even told me some of his salespeople have already taken to Roger’s presentation and used the information they learned from that day into their work.

Ray invited one of his customers to a previous Symposium. Ray said this customer noticed students from the Schey Sales Centre were a step ahead and he was very impressed. This was good for Ray’s relationship with him because of the value added to the customer outside of the office. There is still time to register for the Symposium!

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2 responses to “Why should YOU come to the Schey Sales Centre Symposium? Hear it from the best!

  1. I can’t wait to see Ray at the symposium. His advice to the team and knowledge of social media have helped us so much. It’s great to see his relationship with Roger and how Roger has contributed to Ray’s salespeople. This is going to be a great event that everyone can take something away from the day and do better in their job, internship etc. Good selling!

    • I can’t wait to see Ray either! I loved these testimonials from Ray and Mr. Courville! I am actually currently taking the new class “Advanced Sales Effectiveness” and our class just finished reading Mr. Courville’s book, “The Virtual Presenters handbook.” I am so glad I was exposed to this information before the Symposium and now I am extremely excited to see Mr. Courville speak on Thursday.

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