The Difference within TSC…why become a Corporate Partner?

Human Business Team at Fifth Third Processing Solutions

There are so many benefits being a candidate in The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre.  In part 4 of the interview series the Human Business Team asked two of our platinum sponsors, Total Quality Logistics and 5/3 Processing Solutions, “why they got involved with The Sales Centre?” This video was shown at our Monday Night Sales Meeting on May 17th and students reacted very strongly and with much enthusiasm.  It’s a testimony to our program and the difference companies make in our sales education and our career path.  This Thursday May 20th sales centre candidates and sales professionals will come together and learn the newest ways to sell and get a step ahead in their career.  If you are interested in meeting students from a program where they are the real product and meet professionals from companies that have invested in the future of sales stars then register for the 2010 Sales Symposium!

Thank you platinum sponsors and corporate partners…we look forward to seeing you on Thursday.


4 responses to “The Difference within TSC…why become a Corporate Partner?

  1. Great work on these video’s Nate Marshall! Thank you TQL and 5/3 for taking time to speak with the human business team that went to Cincinnati. I have been in the sales centre for 3 years and the sales education I received is real world sales training and many of the corporate partners have influenced those experiences. Thursday won’t be any different…Roger and Nate have so much to bring to the event and I can’t wait to be in attendance!

  2. Thanks to TQL and 5/3 for the awesome footage! These videos wouldn’t have been possible without your support!

  3. It’s awesome to see what corporate partners think about the Sales Centre and how they got involved with it from the perspective of the partner. As always, great video Nate!

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