Are you ready?

Are you ready to network? Here are some helpful tips I have found on networking that can be used tomorrow at the symposium!

  • Ask open-ended questions about who, what, when, why or where to spark further conversation.
  • Know what you do and how it makes you different from others at the event or in the room.
  • Follow up! If you are given a referral while speaking with someone, follow up as soon as possible because you are reflecting the individual who helped you out by giving you this referral!
  • Send a ‘thank you’ note or ‘nice to meet you’ email as soon as possible.  This can enable you to grow the relationship in the future.
  • Don’t cling to people  you know.  Step our of your comfort zone and meet new people at the event.  You never know how one person can help you in the future, or how you can help them as well.

“True networking is when you spend time with people who do the work you want to do, talking shop. Good networking involves working with other active professionals, even if it’s on a volunteer project, or to learn something new. Good networking is rubbing elbows and enjoying talk and activities related to the work you want to do.” -Recruiter/writer Nick Corcodilos

On behalf of the Schey Sales Centre I would like to say we are all excited for the big event tomorrow! Everyone who plans on attending, please travel safely! We are looking forward to learning about where sales is headed in the future through technology and we hope you are too. Thanks in advance to everyone who is making this event possible and thanks to all of those attending for taking that proactive step to get ahead in your career!

“Real freedom is creative, proactive, and will take me into new territories. I am not free if my freedom is predicated on

2010 Sales Symposium: How To Sell More Through Technology

reacting to my past.” Kenny Loggins


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