And…we’re off! Mr. Roger Courville

As many of you know today is the Schey Sales Centre annual Symposium.  Our first speaker, Roger Courville, has just finished his presentation and–WOW was it great.  Our live twitter has been action packed and I would say the event is going great thus far.  Luckily Nate Marshall was able to capture Roger’s thoughts after his presentation. Check out the video below!

Follow the live conversation from the event on twitter at #ohiousales!


2 responses to “And…we’re off! Mr. Roger Courville

  1. The Schey Sales Symposium today was a fantastic event and very successful! Thanks to all of you attended the event! Also, special thanks to Roger Courville and Nate Riggs who did a WONDERFUL job presenting about social networking at the event!

  2. Roger Courville and Nate Riggs rocked the house this week! It was a great symposium for sales professionals looking to increase sales in these ever changing times. It was also a tremendous “outside the classroom” event for the candidates.

    Thanks Roger and Nate for giving time and talent to our future sales stars!

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