Symposium is Finally Here…We Want Your Feedback

It’s finally the day of the 2010 Schey Sales Symposium!
It has been quite a journey…it seems like this quarter at Ohio University has flown by.   The event will have amazing speakers and content and many opportunities to build your network and make connections.  The Human Business Team and the Schey Sales Centre wants YOUR feedback! Put today’s content to life! 

Take our survey and follow us: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  Thank you for attending the Symposium and thank you all platinum and corporate sponsors…we couldn’t do it without you.  Special thanks to Nate Riggs and Roger Courville, our speakers for the event.

Click the link below to take our symposium survey!

Follow Us...Stay in Touch...and give us feedback from the survey!


2 responses to “Symposium is Finally Here…We Want Your Feedback

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