Thank You

As the quarter is winding down to a close and the students here at Ohio University are getting ready for finals, we wanted to take a look back at what all we have accomplished this past year and say thank you.

Thank you Sales Centre seniors for all your hard work and participation over the past years. Your insights have helped us determine what is best for our candidates and we cannot wait to see you return as alumni.

Thank you Candidate Advisory Council Seniors, you have really helped shape the future of this program. We are sad to see you leave but the impact that you had will always be remembered.

Thank you support staff of the Sales Centre, NOTHING would have been accomplished without you this year. Although our numbers have gotten smaller, your heart and soul goes into everything that you do for our students. Your advice, your leadership, and your caring hearts have motivated our students to be the best of the best.

Thank you to everyone that came to the symposium, because of your support and continued interest in helping sales education, we can continue to have great events.

Thank you Roger Courville and Nate Riggs, you both have been inspiring and helped us grow in ways that we would have never imagined.

And finally, thank you readers for sticking it out with us these past few weeks. Your comments and advice have been more than helpful and encourage us to keep using social media as an avenue to reach out.

We will be continuing to post throughout the summer so keep checking in to see what everyone has been up to!


One response to “Thank You

  1. This is huge. The seniors (especially those on CAC) did so much for the program that we can only hope to fill their shoes. I’m sure their legacy will be carried on and we can bring this program to new heights in the next year!

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