3 Ways the World Cup is like the Business World

1. Poor Planning = Poor Results

I’ve mentioned this in a prior blog post of mine, but it really rings true in the World Cup and business as a whole. If you don’t plan effectively, you’ll find yourself lost, confused, and showing little to no results for whatever effort you’ve put in. When pitching an idea to OU and TSC alum Bob Fenner, he reacted… not as favorably as I thought he might. He only had one question for me: what are your goals with this project? At that moment, I realized that I had become so excited by the idea of the project itself that I had forgotten to plan and draw up goals so my time and effort wouldn’t be in vain.

To put it simply, if you don’t plan, if you don’t have goals for your project, and more importantly, your life, you could wind up looking like Argentina in their stunning 4-0 loss to Germany. If you’re unfamiliar with soccer, losing by 4 is similar to being beat 42-0 in the NFL, also known as being beat by a landslide. I think we all want to avoid looking like Leo Messi, going home dejected and empty handed:

image obtained from espn.com

(image obtained via espn.com)

What is your plan? What are you trying to accomplish?

2. Ego is a No Go

If you’ve watched any of the World Cup, you’d know one fact – nearly all of the heavily favored teams have been eliminated from the tournament, and a ton of underdogs have gone on to see success they never thought possible.

If you go into a situation with passion, creativity, and a good work ethic, you can and will create results. If you go into a situation with a cockiness, ego, and general laziness that would rival Cristiano Ronaldo, you’ll most likely go down like he did. The point is, don’t go into something automatically thinking you’re going to win. If you’re not going to put in the effort and act as if you’re God’s gift to the world, you will crumble under the pressure. You will not deliver. Always go into a situation knowing that someone can always best you. Stay grounded. You’ll do better work because of it.

3. Communication is Key

Watching Fernando Torres in the World Cup has been similar to the person in the group that never responds to calls or e-mails (you know who you are). He stands out alone, wandering around the field not communicating with his teammates, and then blames it on “fitness”. There’s a reason he keeps getting substituted – because he’s not communicating, leaving him unable to do his job effectively, in this case, not scoring in the World Cup. Not even once (yet).

If you’re not making your presence known, if you’re not communicating with your team, you’re dead weight. I’m sure you’ve all heard the old adage, “There is no ‘I’ in TEAM”, and it’s one we take for granted. If someone sends you an e-mail, respond. It takes 30 seconds of your life. Don’t insert yourself in a relatively important role if you’re not willing to do the work. People will remember you for the work you put in (or, don’t put in). Without communication, you will fail. Period.

Don’t continually blame lack of communication on various extenuating factors. There’s only a limited list of scapegoats you can abuse before people catch on. Communicate.

Written by: Adam Budd


4 responses to “3 Ways the World Cup is like the Business World

  1. I really enjoyed reading all of the blogs that were posted by Adam Budd. I completely agree with the blog Poor Planning equals Poor results. I always revert back to the saying if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Preparation is key with just about everything that you do in life or sales for that matter. The blog about communication is key is an excellent point. Many times we fail to communicate in groups or teams and it hurts the group as a whole in the long run as well as ones self. Whether a person is shy or extremely outgoing I believe that speaking up and getting your point across is vital to survival and team accomplishment. Although I agree with blogs 1 and 3 I disagree with blog number 2 Ego is a No Go. I am a big fan of the World Cup and love watching the teams play. Yes the Netherlands and other teams have done well but I do not think teams such as Brazil, France, and Argentina had ego problems. I think one can argue that these elite teams are not cocky but confident. I feel as though confidence is a must and if you are competitive there is nothing wrong with thinking you will win 100 percent of time. I definitely go into everything with the mindset I am going to do well because I have confidence and I am extremely competitive. Yes being cocky is definitely a neagtive but I think it depends on your definition of cocky and your definition of confident. Could they be considered the same? Could their definition vary from person to person? I will leave these questions for everyone to ponder! Thanks for the blogs keep them coming Adam! GO OHIO UNIVERSITY!

  2. Thanks for the feedback :). I was just commenting on Ronaldo in particular… I feel like he carries himself like he’s entitled to win and people tout him as if he’s the best ever but his performance and overall lack of trying (in my eyes) are his ultimate downfall. I don’t think all the superstars are like that!

    Confidence is awesome, but being overly cocky (which I admit I can be to a certain extent) isn’t exactly the best attitude to have.

    I’ll definitely keep posting, it’s these kind of comments that fuel my blogging. If you want to check out more of my posts, go to http://adambudd.wordpress.com (shameless self promotion). Thanks!

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