Today is the big day for all the interns up here at EMC. For anyone who doesn’t know, a fireside is a rite of passage for everyone here on the sales team. Basically, you get up in front of all the sales associates and answer the question “Who is EMC?” Now, there are many different angles to attack this question. You can hit it head on or perhaps compare it to some analogy of sorts. Either way, it has all 18 interns up here feeling like it’s the big game day.

After to listening to and critiquing multiple firesides over the past few days, I’ve come to understand a few things about public speaking and what makes a person capture the audience’s attention. Here’s what I have learned:

1.  Use your hands only when you need to.

Now before all the Italians get in an uproar, think about it. Just like a game of chess, every move is for a purpose.  I like to use my hands as much as the next person; however, I feel that the better speakers only use their hands to help them drive home a point. This I feel, is much more effective than pretending your a maestro and moving your hands to every word. So next time you want to wave your hands all over the place try just holding them still, you might be surprised what happens.

2.  Be as big as the room.

The room we are presenting in holds approximately 200 -300 people. In order to grasp everyone’s attention, the speaker needs to be everywhere. How do they do this? You can walk around (remember though, every move is for a purpose), but the best way, I think, is to look across the room, make eye contact with a person in every corner and at every level, and talk to them. Project your voice so that who you are focusing on thinks you are talking soley to them. This will make the room feel much smaller and will give you the energy to continue with enthusiasm.

Now I know these are not awe-inspiring but hopefully they will help you with your next big presentation.  5 hours and counting until the big moment here, wish me luck!

Written By: Rachael Foster
EDIT 7/12:

And the winner was…..intern veteran, James Mobley!! Congrats!

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