Picture this…

1 year from today you walk into your office. You smile at the security guard, Alan, and continue on your way up the stairs to your cozy desk. As you scan through your outlook a friend walks by and tosses you football. You quickly retrieve and with a chuckle toss it back. As you sit there you wonder – how did I get so lucky to find the right place to start my career?

The answer is – PREPARATION. See you weren’t an ordinary college graduate. You were a well oiled machine. You were focused and ready. Multiple times you reviewed interview situations in order to anticipate the recruiter’s next question.  One night a week you dedicated specifically to career decisions – preparing yourself for the future. The Wall Street Journal was on your favorites bar and you skimmed it everyday for new trends in the industry. You chose a path, and you followed through with you decision.

That is how you found this company. This is why you fit in to the culture and love waking up in the morning. You my friend went to events like Business Core Workshop.

By: Rachael Foster


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