Working the room- Do you have what it takes?

We all know the situation. It’s down to the last minute and you’re attempting to prepare yourself for an event that you know could open the door to endless career opportunities. Multiple trips to the mirror, a fresh stack of resumes that you hope not to return with. “Pad folio, business cards, nametag… I got it.”

Now all you have to do is gather the confidence to approach a professional, and at that moment distinguish yourself from every other candidate in the room.

This is easier said than done.

It is in this crucial moment where we have the ability to make or break this opportunity. When asked how one should work a room, Alan McMillan of EMC, feels that it’s not all about what a company sees but what a company hears.

“To work a room you must produce a worthy take away. Perfect your elevator speech and do your homework. Show them the value you can offer to their company.”

Much needed advice from a true professional.

To be the best, we must learn from the best. To fulfill our goals, we must seek opportunities to better ourselves. On Monday the Sales Centre will be hosting one of these opportunities.

The Core Business Workshop (taking place Monday, September 27th from 6- 8:30pm, in the Walter hall rotunda) is a three part event where students will tune-up there interviewing skills, enhance their fashion sense, and perfect the ability to work a room. From speaking with professionals to networking with other students, it is sure to be an extremely beneficial event.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to further develop your framework for success!


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