Business Core Workshop Success

On Monday, the Schey Sales Centre hosted its first professional education event of the quarter, the Business Core Workshop.

The three-part event opened with Jack Pickard, retired CEO of Fedex Custom Critical, who explained the importance of the first impression and offered students techniques on how to leave a lasting impression in the eyes of their interviewer. Next, a panel of sales centre seniors and sales professionals shared their valuable advice, as well as personal stories, regarding the process of working the room. The final part to the event was presented by  RJ Lowry and Katie Hefelfinger, of Tom James, who offered tips on proper dress, what not to wear, and the importance of looking your best in every situation.

Overall, the wide array of topics and advice from professionals, alumni, and students are sure to have left a lasting impression on the students in attendance as they prepare themselves for a productive quarter and a successful future.


One response to “Business Core Workshop Success

  1. You still amaze me Nate Riggs and my former Sales Centre crew!! You are getting the real world experience at these professional education events and it will definitely set you a part in your job search! You all are sales rock stars!

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