Buying Process Part 1

You’re at your favorite social gathering site. It’s a great night; you’re hanging out with your girls and singing obnoxiously to the random lyrics that you know. Then out of nowhere someone approaches you and initiates conversation. You weren’t looking for anything new or exciting, you didn’t even realize that there could be something lacking in your evening. But now you’re here, trying to understand why this person is talking to you, but then wondering in the back of your mind if you might possibly have a need for his proposition.

What many salespeople don’t notice is that only 3% of people are buying right now. Another 2% are not even thinking about it, 30% do not think they are interested while another 30% know they are not interested. Approximately 6-7% is potentially open to buying. What does this mean? It means that approximately 10% of people actually want to buy what you are offering.  As a sales consultant, it is up to you to identify the current needs and wants of the other 90% and if there is a possible fit for you proposition.

Back to the night, so what percentile are you? Are you willing to buy, or a little more reserved? What is the offer and how valuable is it to you? Furthermore, what are you going to decide?

Keep checking this site to find out more about this buying process and how it all unfolds. =)

By Rachael Foster


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