New Hire Committee Fair

Written By: Amanda Merrill

On Monday, October 25th, directly following the weekly sales meeting, all new hires will head to Walter Hall Rotunda where a room full of the sales centre’s committee directors will be anxiously awaiting them. In an effort to increase involvement and enthusiasm in candidates within their committees, this quarter Human Resources Director, Lauren Luberger, has been working hard to kick-off a brand new and exciting event! The purpose of this event is to give newly admitted Sales Centre candidates the opportunity to actively learn about each of the committees. Each of these committees contributes to The Sales Centre differently, and so it is important for candidates to become more informed about them so that they can determine which committee would be the best fit for them.


This will simulate a career fair style event in which candidates will briefly hear from each of the committee directors and then based on their preferences have the opportunity to “apply” to become a member of the committees of their choice. To apply, students will simply submit their resumes to the committees they are most interested in. The idea behind this is that it will hopefully result in candidates being selected for a committee that they truly do want to become a part of which will hopefully make them feel as if they are an asset to that committee. Aside from new hires, any Sales Centre candidate that is currently unsatisfied with the committee that they are on and wants to apply to become a part of another committee is highly encouraged to do so!


Having been in the Sales Centre for two years now, this is an opportunity that I wish would have been available when I was a new-hire. This event is a great opportunity for candidates to take initiative to become an active member in the Sales Centre while also practicing their career fair etiquette. We hope this event is successful and is something that can be implemented into the new hire experience for years to come!


3 responses to “New Hire Committee Fair

  1. This was a great experience, at least for the CAC. I’m sure it was great for the New Hires as well. Hopefully TSC will keep this up b/c it seems like a great way to get the New Hires involved.

  2. I was so happy with the turnout of The New Hire Committee Fair. I think that it was an awesome, one-of-a-kind experience for the new hires and the CAC.

    Thank you to everyone involved that helped me make this event happen! I cannot wait to do it again during winter quarter.

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