Prospects and the Blog of Infinite Wisdom: Why Prospective Sales Candidates Should Be Reading the Sales Centre Blog

Written by: Bobby Osadetz

As a prospective Sales Candidate, you may be thinking about a few things. There is always the question about whether the interviews are tough or not. And of course everyone wants to know how hard the classes are, and if they take up a lot of your already packed schedule. Are the people nice? Is it a lot of work? How do I eventually get the internship I need to graduate with the Sales Certificate? These are all questions I had when I was a student looking into the Sales Centre, and I’m sure many other prospective students have the same, and probably more, questions. The hard part is finding all of the answers before recruitment begins and applications are due. So what is the best way to find the answers to Sales Centre’s great questions? Right here at the Sales Centre Blog!

But I haven’t even gotten into the Sales Centre yet! I’m not even sure I want to be apart of it. Why should I look at the blog made for and written by Sales Candidates?

Though it may seem odd for someone who is not even in the Sales Centre yet to be reading material which pertains directly to those involved, but the blog is a great way to find out if the Sales Centre is the path you want to choose, and how to be prepared if you decide it is. It is the perfect place to find out anything you need to know about the Sales Centre. With the diverse group of contributors to the site, you are bound to find the answers you are searching for, along with so much more.
Every wonder how your life will be if you join the Sales Centre? There are many students already writing on the blog weekly, about their experiences, course load, and out of class activities they take part in. Want to know about the structure and hierarchy of the Sales Centre? Many of the leaders are contributors and are willing to write and answer questions about anything you want to know. Every wonder what terms like PSAB, Corporate Partners, or CAC mean? There is no place to find out about all of these things and more than on the Sales Centre Blog. With students and other members writing on a weekly basis, there is no better source for knowledge than right here. And the best way to be prepared for an interview or New Hire training is to have a leg up on everyone else. With all of the information you can learn from the blog you will already have a vast amount of knowledge, so getting in and staying in will be a breeze.

The Sales Centre Blog has such an array of information and knowledge for anyone interested in the Sales Centre. Whether you are still thinking about getting in or attempting to get in for the second or third time, there is no better place to get prepared to make the right decisions than on this blog. With so many different students and other contributors writing week to week, there is no end to the amount of material you can learn, which you can use in preparation for entry and beyond. So if you are seriously considering the Sales Centre as an educational path, or just want to know some more about us, why not come back and visit us. You’ll learn something new every time. I guarantee it.


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