Not your Run of the Mill Newsletter

Alumni newsletter. Two words that seem daunting to the average Sales Centre Candidate. The Alumni committee’s task immediately upon coming into my role as Alumni Co-Director was to put together just that. I believed I knew the challenge going into the position, but I felt I hadn’t truly grasped it. To put together a newsletter to not only inform the alumni, but to impress them and uphold the esteemed reputation of The Sales Centre . . . that was the real obstacle.

At first, the task was simple – put together a multiple page newsletter informing alumni of the activity of The Sales Centre. Sounds easy enough, like writing a run of the mill paper for class, right? Wrong. Not only did content have to be produced, but it has to be produced in worthwhile and attractive manner. It had to give alumni motivation to read it other than to catch up on current events.

With the help of the mentor in the Alumni committee, Chris Johnson, this newsletter transitioned from an idea into a reality. It was a daunting three month adventure of contacting alumni, writing exciting and informative articles, and wrapping it up in a neat package (huge thanks go out to TSC alum Lynn Walsh for assembling the final product). There was no relief like finally getting the newsletter out to the waiting alumni masses.

Feel free to view the recent newsletter here.


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