A “New” Perspective . . .

Written By: Mark Emery

When I first started thinking about applying for The Sales Centre, I had no idea what I was getting into. I thought it would be a few classes, a few meetings . . . not too big of a commitment.

Today, though, I’m pleased to say that TSC is much more. The meetings aren’t just meetings; they’re learning experiences in themselves. Through my status as a new hire, I’ve already been exposed to opportunities that will put me ahead of my peers.

The Career Fair was the first illustration of that idea. Nearly 30 companies traveled to Athens, Ohio, to seek out employees and interns from an organization that I was now a part of. That idea blew my mind a bit, because we all know that finding a job is no easy task. These companies came to our small town–where there is no airport–to make that task just a little easier.

Shaun Holloway, Sales Centre alum, offered to take off work and come talk to us about resumes, which impressed me. I’ve heard all sorts of resume advice from all sorts of people, but it was great to finally hear what an expert had to say. What’s more, after his presentation at the Monday meeting, he offered to have one-on-one sessions the next day. Needless to say, I quickly signed up, which was fortunate because there was only one slot left!

After an enjoyable half hour spent with Shaun talking about how to improve myself as a potential employee, I left Copeland with a smile on my face. I had been in The Sales Centre for only a short while, and already I could see how its resources would be to my advantage.


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