It was a career path at first sight . . .

Written By: Kaylee Capello

First recognition of the Schey Sales Centre came to me my fall freshman year at Ohio University.  Alumni Adam Hartman, a good friend of mine, approached me with the fascinating information about the prestigious student-run business.  I instantly was on the edge of my seat and could not wait to jump in and try my first attempt at an Ohio University organization.


Winter quarter came around and I was well on my way to quite the experience that changed my entire college career.  I applied, was accepted for an interview, and then it got sticky.  Coming fresh out of high school, I did not know much about professionalism or sales, for that matter!  I only knew my father had been in sales his whole life and was ecstatic for my interest in his field.


The email came around shortly after my interview that I was not accepted into the Schey Sales Centre.  Not once did I look at this as a negative experience; instead, I turned it into a positive one.  I immediately emailed Mr. Hartung to meet with him to understand the qualities of a Sales Centre student and who I would have to become.  He told me I needed more college experience on my resume.  The next week, I joined the Fashion Associates organization on campus.  That spring I became the secretary for the group.


A new school year rolls around and fall quarter I landed an internship with Cejon Accessories for this upcoming summer 2011 in New York City – I was now ready to show The Sales Centre that I was a worthy applicant.  Winter of 2010 I was interviewed and ACCEPTED into The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre!  My motivation to get into the program did not stop there.  Only two quarters in the Schey Sales Centre, I am now currently the Public Relations Director for the Candidate Advisory Council; I plan on only looking up from here.  This particular organization has become the best experience I have had thus far in my college career.  It has developed my determination to discover what the next step is for my career path.  I plan to continue my last two years at Ohio University with drive and enthusiasm for my future.  I thank The Sales Centre for who I have become today, and what my plans will look like tomorrow.


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