Realizing Your Greatness

Students that go to Ohio University know The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre as being a program that has sales classes, events and a great place to get an internship.  But, what they don’t know is that the Sales Centre is so much more than that; it’s actually a program that will shape your future.  It is a program where a student can find their strengths and their leadership style.  It is a program where a student can reach their true potential — the potential that they never knew they had.  It is a program that brings out the passion and drive for success.  But, most importantly, it is a program that teaches students to be their greater selves.

I should know because I am one of the hundreds of students that came into the program that was not realizing my full potential.  A major difference that the program offers is guidance from leaders in the real world.  These mentors open our minds and show us the success that we can achieve just by working a little bit harder and smarter.  But, Sales Centre students are not just led by sales experts who have been in the industry for years.  The most fascinating aspect of the Sales Centre is that the true leaders in the program are the students.  When I was first admitted into the program, I was a video-game playing, sleeping in till 2pm typical college kid who had no path.  But, I was quickly changing into a more mature college kid as soon as I got into the Sale Centre.


It actually took me about two quarters to realize why I have been changing.  And, it hit me — it was my peers in the program that were motivating me to find my greater self.  By surrounding myself with the right people, I did just that — I found my greater self.

I am proud to say today that I am currently the Chair of The Sales Centre.  And it feels great to be surrounded by the most motivated and ambitious students that OU has to offer. I can only hope that in I can inspire someone else to realized their greatness.


2 responses to “Realizing Your Greatness

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you on how important it is to surround yourself with the right people. It is so motivating and inspiring to be around others who have similar goals to you and are also working hard to achieve them. The sales centre seems like a great program that allows students to grow and become leaders.

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