Finding your niche in TSC

I’m not sure whether this is known to the average Ohio University student, but The Sales Centre is a pretty complex organization. It goes a lot deeper than business people learning to sell, which is what it might seem like to an outsider.


It’s made up of the Professional Sales Advisory Board (PSAB), Candidate Advisory Council (CAC), The Sales Centre Alumni Society (TSACAS). Within the CAC there are 15 committees – each with a Director, 4 Vice Presidents, a Chair and Vice Chair. There’s a lot of diverse teamwork and a lot of opportunities to try on one’s leadership pants. Initially, the complicated structure seemed confusing to new hires–or maybe just me–but it was all pretty well explained Monday night, October 25, during the New Hire Committee Fair.


Put together by the Human Resources Director, Lauren Luberger, the event’s purpose was to explain the aspects of each committee, in hopes that every new member would find his or her specific niche in The Sales Centre.With the new people divided among four groups, we shuffled between the different committees and heard sales pitches from tons of people who all have different leadership roles in The Sales Centre. Some people are in charge of fund-raising, while others are responsible for putting events together. I met students whose job it is to promote all the stuff we do here, people who sponsor philanthropic events, and others who work behind the scenes to keep things running effectively and smoothly.


Being a journalism major, I knew going into this organization that my focus would be in communications, and that starts right here with our blog. My hope is that the blog soon reaches the heights we’ve set for it, and  finds itself alongside the other top-tier elements of The Sales Centre — a few of the components that bring us national prominence.


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