Real World Experience

Written By: Nate Marshall

As a junior at Ohio University, I have taken many hours of classes, some of which had been spent thinking about how the curriculum would ever relate to any real life scenario. On Thursday, October 14, I had the opportunity to witness a class that takes real world experience to the next level.


On October 14th, Ohio University’s new entrepreneurial sales class and Sales Centre elective MKT 491 was proud to host guest speaker and Ohio University Alumnus, John Wharff, owner and president of the radio station WMOA 1490 in Marietta, Ohio. John moved his ecstatic radio personality to the classroom by talking with students about the importance of being personal and standing out when it comes to every aspect of doing business. With numerous examples of innovative marketing ideas, John explained the importance of using unique advertising techniques to differentiate yourself from the competition and to capture the attention of your target market.


Throughout his presentation, John continuously related his advice back to real world examples, providing students with his personal experiences and professional insight. John may claim that he has a face for radio, but his inspiring words are something that every student should hear. If you would like to learn more about John Wharff or WMOA 1490, turn in or log on to


The focus of this entrepreneurial sales class resolves around combining cutting edge sales techniques with real world ventures and sales scenarios. As usual, the class was electric and booming with energy. I really enjoy getting to sit in on this class because of how lively the students are. They’re really enthusiastic and always wanting to participate.


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