The Coldest Cold Call: The Buying Process Part 2

Written By: Chris Teodori

Do you know that feeling that you get in your first sales job when your boss wants you to, for the first time, pick up the phone and cold call? Or that feeling that you get when you decide to walk around the office building and make a couple of true face to face cold calls. Your hands are clammy, heart is racing, and you are thinking to yourself it probably won’t go well anyway I might as well just not pick up the phone or not walk into their office.


Sound familiar? What about that last time you had to muster up the courage to go talk to a stranger that you find “romantically interesting”, was your heart racing? For all of the single men and women of the world these feelings come around more often than not. Heck, I turn into an age 13 version of McLovin with the first smell of perfume; I don’t even have to be interested.

But anyhow, the analogy to sales is perfect.


In both situations I never know what to say first. I never know how I build repertoire without them thinking that I am trying to sell something. Do I talk about weather? Probably not. Do I say something cheesy? I would but I am sure it is frowned upon. The unknown here can be crippling. Which made me start to wonder…what makes a good cold caller? Not a salesperson but a cold caller. And, I landed on 3 things:


  • The ability to overcome fear and make the call
  • The preparation in having an idea or understanding of what needs to be said
  • The confidence to continue the conversation (practice makes perfect)


But, to be able to overcome that fear in both aspects of the analogy is important. The more cold calls you make the better you get. The better you get the less fear you have. And the less fear you have the more confident you become. Confidence is the key. Confidence can make anybody successful. If only the McLovin’s of the world would have joined The Sales Centre.


DISCLAIMER: I am not good at nor do I have a lot of experience with either topic.


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3 responses to “The Coldest Cold Call: The Buying Process Part 2

  1. It really is a numbers game, I couldn’t agree more Chris. You can almost use the analogy of you practice how you play to a certain degree. You can’t expect to just pick up the phone the first time (step on field without practicing/lack of preparation) and expect to shine. The more you do it, you find the little tricks to the trade. There isn’t just one way to successfully cold call, there are many different scenarios that you can run into. The more times you call and gain experience, the more you build up your arsenal for knowing the different successful tricks in different situations. Loved the post.

  2. Really love the McLovin analogy… I find myself feeling like that more often than not. Especially in my interviews today. Tensions were high and I was incredibly nervous, but, as you said, one of the best ways to get over this is confidence. I feel like people often get nervous because of their fear of failure, but, if you never shoot you’re never gonna score.

    No calls = no sales.

  3. I can definitely relate! This summer at my internship I found out how scary it can be to just pick up the phone!

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