Great Minds & Great Times

The “fair-unfair” advantage is what we like to call it. This past Thursday and Friday The Sales Centre at Ohio University held its fall board meeting, and it was an exciting glimpse into our successful future. Networking, brainstorming, and nothing but fun occurred between our board members, alumni, corporate partners, and students as we attended Thursday night’s football game following our recognition dinner. Some do not realize just how much our board does for us, and saying thanks is not even enough.

Friday was an eye opener for me. I came into a leadership role this year, and I cannot believe the amount of work that tags along with it. I could not even imagine being in the professional world, and committing the time and energy to The Sales Centre as well. Our board must be super human!

As presentations began, and opinions began to filter throughout the audience I felt a good day coming on. From 9am-2pm we interacted with one another discussing how we are moving forward and improving upon our incredible organization. Some brilliant plans were sparked, and I am thrilled to begin finding ways to accomplish them all. Never will I have the opportunity to present to successful professionals, have my own voice heard, and be given the chance to work with other students to further our student run business. That is what The Sales Centre provides.

Not only will I look back on my experience at The Sales Centre and be grateful, but I will never forget the impacting people I have met. So once again . . . Thank you to everyone who was in attendance this past Thursday and Friday! You are what fuels the “fair-unfair” advantage.


2 responses to “Great Minds & Great Times

  1. You are absolutely right about the power of the Sales Centre to build networks among future and current sales leaders. Remember, networks are formed by giving first, without the expectation of receiving something back.

    The work you have done in social media, like this blog, attracted much attention. The learning you develop is going to be very valuable. Creating and executing a social media strategy to support the goal of world prominence for the Centre is going to be very interesting to leaders you want to add to your network.

    Of course social media is just one aspect of many that you are learning to apply to professional sales. You won’t ever have to come to a networking session feeling like you are begging for help. You will be able to guide sales and marketing leaders in the use social media to achieve their goals. You are already ahead of many.

    • Thanks so much for the comment! It is exciting to be learning a tool firsthand that will help future employers of ours. Social media has really taken off, and I am incredibly excited to see how it evolves. Thank you again for taking the time to read our blog!

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