8-bit Selling

The Relation Between Selling and Gaming

You’re walking down a long, dark passage way. It’s a place you have never been to before, yet it seems so familiar. As you continue, you see door after door, each one closed and waiting to be opened. But you know there is only one door to open, and you know exactly which door. It’s the one at the end of the passage. Its staring you in the face, slowly getting bigger and bigger with each step. As you get closer, you become more and more anxious. You have made it this far, don’t get scared now! You’ve gone through all the training, all the trials, all of the other obstacles standing in the way of this one door. Right before you get to the door, you stop. You think about everything up to this point: the struggle, the hardships, the companions met along the way. But now its up to you, and it has all come down to this. You take a deep breath. You knock on the door. And it opens up to the final, yet greatest challenge of all…


Does this scenario sound familiar to you? If so then you are probably a gamer, or at least have played a video game before. Wait, you haven’t and yet this still sounds like something you can relate to? Well then you must be in sales, because feelings like this are felt every day by sales people all over the world.


Hold on, did I just say the same situation can be attributed to gaming and selling?


Believe it or not, this is not the only scene which can be played out in an office and the 8-bit universe. Sales and gaming are very similar and definitely relatable. With each new level comes a new challenge and a boss at the end of the stage.For the next little while, I’ll be taking you on an epic journey of awesome epicness through the different levels of selling, and I’ll tell you how you can take knowledge you have learned in video games to make it easier to understand and give you more ammo to win the ultimate prize: the sale!


So grab a controller, a pad-folio with some business cards, and let’s enter the World of 8-bit Selling!


Main Menu: How to Play!

When you first get that brand new game, you just cannot wait to rip open the plastic, put the game in the console, and get right to blasting away your enemies! But what happens when you jump right into a matchmaking game without checking to see how all of the controls work? You get a melee hit to the head and then sniped by some guy who, it seems like, has nothing better to do than sit behind some rocks and troll everyone.


Sales is the exact same way. You cannot jump into the selling field without knowing what you are doing. It may take some time, and you may be very anxious, but you need to understand the game before you can truly go after the achievements. And just like gaming, there are tutorials to making sure you understand how the game works, what techniques should be used, and how to conquer certain enemies you may meet along the way. Of course you can skip these tutorials, but  I guarantee, by Level 3, you’ll be wanting to go back so you can have the training.


So, what kind of tutorials are there in the selling world? Most businesses will offer you some training before sending you out to the Hyrule Field of selling, but why not get a head start on the competition? The Sales Centre is the perfect tutorial for learning the ways of the selling world before you even leave the comfort of college. Not only is it required to take real sales training courses, such as GIYCH (which is taught by a lot of businesses), but you have to do your own beta testing of the selling game. The internship requirement is where you will not only get some training, but a lot of sales experience before stepping foot into actual game play. So make sure to go through the sales courses of the Sales Centre and to take them to heart. Not only will you gain some experience points, but you’ll probably gain some achievements as well.


Now that you have your training, you are ready to step into the battle grounds of the 8-bit Selling world. Though you may have learned a lot in your tutorials, there is still much to learn along the way. And though it only gets harder as you go along, this is where all of the fun begins.


What trials await you in the World of 8-bit Selling? Find out next time when we enter: Level 1!


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