In the words of Donovan Fletcher: “Dive In!”

This past week I had the opportunity to interview one of our fellow Sales Centre candidates, Donovan Fletcher. Many know Donovan as a star football player at OU or the kid who comes into our Monday night meetings singing and smiling. Before interviewing Donovan, I had never really talked to him, let alone known about his incredible potential and passion for life. I was blown away by his outlook on life and strongly believe that he can serve as an inspiration to all of us. In the short 30 minutes that I interviewed Donovan, I learned that he is motivated by his faith, his mom who has worked hard his entire life to make a better life for him and his family, and his older brother (who happens to be a professional football player).


Donovan has a bright future ahead of him too. He has plans to enter the Marine Corps and to make a name for himself. It was refreshing to listen to Donovan. He is kind-hearted and real, something that I think is hard to come by. He likes to make people laugh and making others smile is what keeps him going.

What is Donovan’s advice to YOU?

DIVE IN! You never know the significance of college until you let your guard down and try different things. We are each lucky enough to be given the opportunity to experience college in just a few short years. Make the most of your time here, because it is going to fly by! Donovan shared a story with me about how he used to not know how to swim and he went ahead and jumped off the high dive anyway, which to no surprise led to him having to be rescued. A few years later he found the courage to take a swimming class at OU. He didn’t care if he was made fun of; he wanted to do it for him. This one example shows Donovan’s drive and determination to succeed and overcome obstacles.


So, take Donovan’s advice and run with it! Meet new people or take a class completely opposite of your interests, you may be surprised of what comes of it. College is a unique time in our lives in which we are given the opportunity to explore different things before entering the real world.


Donovan left our interview by standing up and giving me a big hug, something his mom has always taught him to do after meeting someone for the first time, just another example of Donovan’s sincere care for others. If you haven’t met Donovan, than I highly recommend you make it a point to meet him before he finishes up his last quarter at OU in just a few weeks. And at the very least, take a minute to reflect on his advice and how you can incorporate it into your own college career.


3 responses to “In the words of Donovan Fletcher: “Dive In!”

  1. Donovan was the first person I met when I joined The Sales Centre. He sat right next to me at my new hire training. It seems like forever ago but even then he was a great friend and I’m glad to have met him!

  2. Great post! I will never forget sitting in a toastmasters meeting, and everyone had name tags out. I was a quiet new-hire sitting alone, and sure enough Donovan looked at me and said “Smile Chelsea!” A big smile came across my face, and I have felt that caring and friendly spirit from him ever since. I am so proud to be surrounded by such a person, and without “diving in” I would have never met him. Not only do experiences change someone’s life, but people do too.

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