A New Hire No More…

Since I first starting blogging for The Sales Centre, it’s been my responsibility to write about what it’s like being a New Hire. I wrote about some of the training we’ve received, some of the experiences we’ve had. It’s been pretty straightforward so far.

Now, though, I’m pleased to say that I am no longer a New Hire. After induction on the night of Nov. 1, I, along with every other member of the Fall 2010 class, are now officially Sales Certificate Candidates.

This doesn’t mean that our responsibilities have diminished. Rather, more is expected of us now that we are officially “in.”

With those marketing classes still to take, and the successful 300-hour internship still to secure (and complete), I know there’s much to do before my work here is done.

Induction itself was a pretty fun time. There’s not much to complain about when you walk away with a new t-shirt, padfolio and laptop bag, is there?

As always, the veteran members of The Sales Centre welcomed us appropriately. Not once have I ever had an experience¬†here where I was intimidated, or felt slighted. Everyone I’ve met has been completely friendly, and that goes for my newly inducted counterparts, as well.

I’m glad I can count myself a member of this ultra-professional (and ultra-friendly) organization. There’s only one thing I’m worried about: Now that I’m an SCC, what am I going to blog about?


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