State Farm Marketing Competiton

This past week, Chelsea Kovak and I traveled to Central Missouri University to partake in the inaugural State Farm Marketing and Sales Competition. After weeks of practice with fellow teammates; DJ Hasselbusch, Kevin LaJudice, and Drew Ursic, we felt prepared to face the gauntlet. However, we never expected what would happen once we arrived.


8 teams competed those of which included: Duquesne University, University of South California, University of Central Missouri, Louisiana State University, University of Illinois, University of Texas, Wake Forest University, and our very own Ohio University. 8 teams, 16 competitors, and a $5,000 scholarship on the line. It was anyone’s best guess on who would advance and win.


We knew the challenges, we anticipated the objections, but none of us knew the great friendships that would result from the amazing experience. During the competition all 16 of us were placed in a holding room. In the beginning, none of us knew each other but by the end of the competition it was if we were all old friends.


I think Chelsea would agree, we both had an AMAZING time and now have a plethora of friends across the states and memories that will last us a lifetime.


Coming soon – videos from the competition.



3 responses to “State Farm Marketing Competiton

  1. Absolutely I agree! I have never had quite an experience, and being 20 years old and having a company pay for me to compete was insane. You could ask Rachael or Dr. Ridpath but I was like a giddy little kid the whole time. The Sales Centre has provided me with experiences I would have never dreamed of! I am so excited to have met these people across the country, and it was great to revive that competitive instinct that has been hiding in me for so long! Overall, great weekend 🙂

    • Chelsea – I can completely relate to your “giddiness.” When I went to Kennesaw for the NCSC; I was always fired up because of the competitive atmosphere and the students who were there. It’s definitely an experience that not many students get to experience. Glad you had fun!

  2. You would all be so proud of Chelsea and Rachael. They represented Ohio University and the Schey Sales Centre very well. They did awesome! Rachael is right…their sales presentations were tops and they overcame every objection they were presented. It was a pleasure to work with them through this process and provide this opportunity to them on behalf of State Farm!

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