Under Pressure

Preparation for Stressful Times

This quarter, for the Advanced Selling Techniques course (MKT 468), as with most times in the past, we were assigned a team selling project. It involved doing a lot of research, finding time to meet with your team, and developing a proposal and presentation on the criteria you are supposed to be selling. Like many of my classes, I decided to slack off a little bit. No, I didn’t wait until the last night to do it, but I felt like I could get a lot of work done the week before the presentation. I was doing well in the class and I had a pretty good idea on what I was going to say in the proposal, not to mention I was working with a really good team. My confidence was buzzing. Then it came time to actually do the work.


Not only was there a lot more to do than I had anticipated, I had a lot of work to do in other classes as well! I had programs to code, blogs to submit, and exams to write. It was a crazy week, but I decided to take the weekend off and work on my part of the proposal. Yeah, that ended up not working well either. But I got everything I needed to done on Sunday and was ready to put it all together, when the bombshell hit. One of my partners was out of town for the next two days and hadn’t put everything we needed together! Then things got even crazier…


We got the proposal taken care of and began to worry about the presentation coming up in only a few days. So my other partner and I had to get all of the information together and make some last minute plans to make sure our presentation went over smoothly. Finally, the day of the presentation came. We all met for the first time in a long time just hours before to quickly run through our roles. When we showed up to the presentation, we were all nervous, but really just wanted to get it over with so we could put an end to all the madness which had ensued over the last few weeks. We finally stepped into the conference room and proceeded with our presentation. And it went GREAT! We all felt like we did the best job we could and it went as well as it could have. We felt confident we have done everything we need to address and then some. And though I felt great about how well we all thought we did, I was just so glad to be done with it. It a very stressful time and it was so nice to have it all off my back.


So, the moral of this blog it that procrastination always works out, right? No, not exactly. I can tell you I wish I had gotten a better start on the project. I had no idea so many things were going to be coming up, and all at the same time! No, the message is not to procrastinate. If there is one thing I can take away from that particular role play (and trust me, there were many things) it is that if anything that stressful were to come up again, though I hope it never does (but it will), I know I will be ready for it. Even with all of the added stress put on me at my time of need, my team and I still managed to work through it and get the job done in the best way possible. That is something I can take away from the Sales Centre and all the classes they offer. Whenever I am stressed, whenever I have too much on my plate, I can look back at my time here and know I’ve gotten through it before with positive results, so I can get through it again.


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