Like no other organization on campus

Hundreds of student organizations exist here at Ohio University. There’s Greek Life for anyone feeling fratty, Humans vs. Zombies for people who like role-playing, and a ton of others in between…

The Sales Centre is one that everyone should know about because it’s unique in a handful of ways.

There are no dues in The Sales Centre. None. I haven’t been asked for a single penny since I’ve joined, and that’s impressive because it has already given me so much in these initial weeks.

You’re probably thinking, yeah, yeah, the sales knowledge, the internship opportunities and the networking possibilities. That’s all great stuff, but it’s not quite tangible.

Well, in addition to all that fun (which is reason enough to join in itself), there are tangible things. At just about every meeting or training session, The Sales Centre provides the food. It has brought in sandwiches from Subway, pizza from Avalanche and Hungry Howie’s. When the big guns come to town, or the event at hand is especially important, there’s usually gourmet food from OU catering.

But it’s not just food. We get cool stuff too.

On the night of induction for the New Hires, I walked away with a sharp bag, a fresh pad-folio, and a flashy new t-shirt. How much did it cost me? Nothing.

You might be wondering, how is it that The Sales Centre is able to provide all these great things for its members, when they don’t even pay dues?

The answer lies within another idea that make The Sales Centre so unique. It’s not just a student organization, it’s a business.

Corporate Partners pay thousands of dollars each year just to have access to our students, which are often rightfully referred to as the “product” of The Sales Centre.

In addition to that professional help, we also have a Society of Friends. All it takes to join that club is a $250 investment. If you believe in what is being experienced here, then becoming a Friend is for you.

How many other clubs on campus are built like this? I’m in a fraternity, and there are quarterly dues. I write for a newspaper, and I put in hours of work each week for clips, not cash.

The Sales Centre is different. You get all these great things when you join. You continue to receive stuff as your involvement grows. Then, when you graduate, you’re looking at about 30 companies that would love to have you come sell for them.

What other organization is that beneficial?


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