An Appetizer before the Main Entrée

A sample sale in New York City

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Experience, experience, experience.  Being a Junior now at Ohio University, I am getting much closer to the real world faster than expected.  Internships are a great way to realize what you want to do, and even what you don’t want to do.  A retail merchandising and fashion product development major with a certificate in sales is my current title.  Within my major I must complete two internships both that reach at least 300 hours of on the job experience.

This summer, I will be interning with Cejon Accessories in New York City as a Sales Assistant Intern.  This internship will further better my understanding of sales and my passion for fashion.  I will be working closely with buyers at Cejon to understand the in’s and out’s in the world of retail.

Along with my internship, I was to drive down to Cincinnati to help put on a sample sale with Regional Sales Cejon Accessories representative, Molly Doyle.  Molly is an alumni of Ohio University and wants to keep Ohio University interns at Cejon.  She will hire interns for the coming year to experience and work in the desired city of New York City, the heartbeat of retail.

The sample sale was held at a Cincinnati church where we set up accessories in various areas of the church, and was able to visual merchandise the displays.  Anyone was able to come to the sale and buy great accessories from Cejon.  I was able to learn Cejon terms for certain apparel and accessories, as well as understand the pricing of these products.  It showed me a brief example of what I will be expected to do once I’m in the big apple.  This also allowed Molly Doyle to evaluate our performance and if we will do great for the company before shipping us off and praying we don’t mess up.  One intern was actually fired at the sample sale due to lack of responsibility and dedication.

I feel as though if every internship offered a short experience before your on the job for 3 months would help both the intern, and the employer.  They both get a taste of what to expect from one another, and the intern can decide if this is the right fit before wasting anyone’s time, including their own.


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