Noteworthy Advice

There’s something in your closet…

and not just in your closet, but in your wallet, hidden in your jacket, lost in your planner, and forgotten in your laundry. The fact is, they’re pretty much everywhere except where they should be.

Business cards are an easy way to gain valuable contact information and to create connections between yourself and professionals. They make it easier to reach out and follow up.

They’re even easier to lose.

I see it happen every quarter. A student is at a career fair or a networking event and they meet a professional, business cards are exchanged and without a second glance they go directly in the back of the pocket. In a flash, the valuable contact information is left to go head to head with the unforgiving washing machine.

The act of receiving a business card happens in an instant and some neglect to understand its importance. What other time are you literally handed an opportunity to connect with someone who could make a significant impact on your career?

It’s time to take these valuable cards and put them in a place where, in an instance, you will know exactly where they are.

A simple business card holder costs under 20 dollars.

Less than 20 dollars for the peace of mind of having all of your previously scattered business cards in one single location? I bought one today and I’m already feeling more organized. Yet another simple solution to simplify your life and power your drive to success.

Don’t leave it up to what comes out of the dryer. Make a small investment today and lay your foundation for a better tomorrow.


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