Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire … More Like Ham’s

The Honeybaked Ham Store

Image by Dave Dugdale

As many may know, Ohio University has a long winter break of six good ol’ weeks.  Students return home from exams and the first thing their parents say is, “Your not sleeping on my couch for six weeks, go find a job!”  The next day your running around your hometown looking in windows for seasonal help, help wanted, help, go away, and now hiring!

My first stop on my list was Honey Baked Ham.  I walked in thinking I would just be filling out an application and wait for the dreaded call to come a week later.  As I was filling out my application, and wondering what the Ohio University address would be, the manager said to me, “Can you be in at 7 am tomorrow?,” I replied with a long face and a nod which turned into becoming employed.

That splendid morning, I show up five minutes early wondering what ham will be in the forecast for today.  I was thinking I would just be behind cash registers working with customers since that’s what I am use to working for other retailers in the past.  I was completely wrong.  I was handed a hair net, apron, latex gloves, as I felt a tear stirring up in my eye.  Call me the ham handler now.  This past six weeks I have been glazing hams, wrapping hams, naming hams, and pricing hams.  Some days were as long as eleven hours before I could escape.

The holidays for Honey Baked Ham are the busiest for sales during Christmas.  My manager told me the week before Christmas is what runs the business the next eleven months.  I could have told him that seeing probably about one thousand plus hams since I started working.  Many businesses can be extremely busy during the holidays.  Just like Honey Baked Ham, it can even keep the doors open.  So Corporate Partners, if your feeling stressed about making your sales numbers, just remember your not alone and could be working in a kitchen wrapping hundreds of hams.  I have never been so thankful for my education and currently became vegetarian.  Thanks Honey Baked Ham!


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