Is This the Start of Something?

Submitted by Ray Taylor

As often happens, schedule changes derailed plans for a networking
dinner I was looking forward to this week. What at first seemed like a
setback turned into an opportunity. I sent a message through Linked In,
texted a couple more and all of a sudden I had a Dayton-based TSC

Brian Burns, a Sales Centre Alumni, is a very successful sales
professional based in Dayton. He and I have stayed in touch since he
interned with my sales team in 2006. We had both been feeling the need
to catch up, his calendar happened to be open and we scheduled dinner.

My text reached Amy Stafford, the VP of Account Management. She was also
available and invited several others. John Belickis jumped onboard and
came with Amy.

It was a great opportunity to connect an alum, current candidates and an
executive committee member. We talked about our experience and passion
for sales and the time flew.

Often events come together when best laid plans run aground and the spur
of the moment take over. If you are a PSAB member or a TSC alumni be
sure to seek out TSC members when you have an opportunity.

If you are a candidate make sure you connect with PSAB members and
alumni. Ownership is on you, don’t wait for them to initiate. Connect on
Linked In, provide your cell phone, follow them on Twitter.  (Believe it
or not, even though I’m a Gen X’er, Twitter is and often used method of
communicating with candidates like DJ Hasselbusch and Adam Budd and alumni like
Chris Kaechle.)


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