Applying to TSC

I’m a sophomore here at Ohio University, but I knew more than a year ago that membership in The Sales Centre was something I wanted to achieve in my time at college.

Now, you can’t apply right when you arrive in Athens, so I knew I would have to wait awhile. But let me tell you, it has been worth that wait.

It was weeks ago when I got everything together for my application. There wasn’t a whole lot of time, so I remember not having the luxury to put if off if; I was serious about this goal.

Once it was all sent in, I had to schedule the interview. The dreaded Sales Centre interview. I had heard about people nailing it, and I’d listened to horror stories full of stuttering and stammering to go along with more than one awkward moment.

In fact, I’ve heard that some people are so intimidated by interviewing for The Sales Centre that they don’t bother applying at all, which I think is ridiculous.

Regardless of how daunting a task might seem, why not give it your best effort? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Albeit after a slow start, I like to think that my own interview went pretty well. I got the acceptance notification, so it couldn’t have been that horrendous.

And after I did get that email, it’s been smooth sailing as far as my involvement in The Sales Centre. Like joining a fraternity and getting involved with the student newspaper, I can tell that the decision to apply to this organization was one of the best I’ve made in college so far.


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