Death of a Salesman

Used car dealership, going door to door, pushing a pitch… these are a lot of the old ideas people have about sales people. Many people loath going into a retail store and being asked “Can I help you with something?” “Did you hear about our sale today?” or “Would you like to add more for just a small fee?” And rightfully so! These sales people are pushy, obnoxious, and mostly unsuccessful. If this is your idea of what a career in sales is, then it is understandable why you may not want to pursue one. But is this the only form of sales in the world? The answer is an empthaical NO!

Just like everything else in the world, sales is much different than it was in years past, and it is constantly changing. With about 50% of graduating students going into sales after college, this must be a more attractive career than you may think. The sales profession is evolving, which means it is becoming more complex and demanding. You are no longer selling door to door, but to buying teams within large organizations. You do not try to push an extra item onto a customer, you need to know how to negotiate so all parties involved come away with a profit. And you are not making a one time sales anymore: some sales become long standing partnerships, which involve trust and commitment. These are not things you can just pick up by reading a book or by learning from a mentor. These are knowledgeable skills you can only learn in the classroom and through real world experience.

More and more universities are being to add sales to their curriculum, which means there will be much more competition out there when job searching. Why not get a head start with one of the most innovated sales programs in the country. The Schey Sales Centre at Ohio University offers an abundance of sales courses, outside sales internship opportunities, and real world experience with people who have been in a sales career for years. It is also the perfect place to learn about how the sales world is changing, and what that means for you as you move forward in your professional life. The old salesman is dead, but a newly improved and evolved salesperson is making an impact. Could that person be you?


2 responses to “Death of a Salesman

  1. I agree with Christian Bobby! You are touching a topic that is front of mind for many sales leaders. The game has changed. What do I teach my team now? Marketing isn’t working the way it did. How can I engage my customers in a dialogue? What role will the sales team have in interactive marketing?

    Keep digging and keep blogging!

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