First day of Sales Class

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A new year brings a new quarter which means even new classes!  This quarter I am taking my first sales class towards my sales certificate.  I will admit I was a little hesitant and nervous as to what the class was going to offer.  Little did I know I would leave class anxious to read my text book.

The class is called, Professional Selling, and my professor is a very educated former sales woman.  She greeted the class with an example of what to do when something goes wrong.  The syllabus she printed out did not have all the pages attached as one the students blurted out to make her look bad.  She acted calm and asked us all to turn them back in then stated; “This is what you do when something goes wrong during your selling approach. Act calm and as if it were planned.”  She actually did plan this, I loved this introduction to the class the very first day.  It kept my attention and I know walking out of that class in ten weeks I will be a better sales woman than I were during week one.

In our text at the beginning of each chapter there is a biography of someone who has chosen a career in sales.  They tell there stories from when they were in our shoes as college students, to when they realized a career in sales was the right one for them.  The very first biography is about a real-estate agent, Heather Carr.  She graduated as a marketing major at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  During her college career she was in plenty of organizations and held leadership roles.  Her very first selling class made her realize a career in sales was right for her.  Carr states: “I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a knot in my stomach when Dr. Castleberry first explained the sales pitch that we were expected to present in front of the entire class.”  That sentence made me smile and think back to my first day of Professional Selling. My professor was at ease but the anxiousness inside of me was up to my ears!  It is comforting to see that someone who has chosen sales was extremely involved on campus with leadership positions and now has taken those experiences into her career.  I can only imagine what my experiences holding a leadership position in TSC will help me out with in the near future.

In conclusion, I cannot wait for the rest of my sales classes and how much I will learn.  We are so lucky to have a program that educates you on selling, as well as hands on experience. Applying to TSC has not only interested me in a career in sales, but changed my outlook on the rest of my life.


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