Landing that internship

I don’t know how other people feel, but I think the most difficult part of the Sales Centre curriculum is the completion of that 300-hour internship.

Internships are a lot of work. You need to do research to find them, set aside time to apply for them, and then work your butt off to excel at them.

Last spring, I was fortunate enough to luck into a summer internship at a weekly newspaper, but I know I can’t count on waiting around for so long this time.

With winter break painfully long and my choices for entertainment severely limited, I’ve devoted myself to applying to as many internships as I can. Sure, you can rely on connections, but you shouldn’t be afraid to go after opportunities just because you don’t already have a foot in the door.

Since I’m in the process, I figure many of my fellow SCCs are doing it too.

I’m going to reiterate some internship-landing advice I saw online the other day: Apply early, and apply often!

The reason you don’t get one internship might be the same reason another company is dying to have you.

And don’t be limited by out list of corporate partners. Obviously, that’s a great place to start and you might have the most luck there, but by no means should it limit your internship scope.

Get creative. The other day, I was fooling around on the internet, browsing the website for my favorite baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates.

After some searching, I came to a page that listed several available internships with my beloved Buccos, and one slot had to do with ticket sales.

I applied without hesitation. Wouldn’t it be something I spent a summer in the front office of my favorite team?

I’m telling you this because I think it’s important to throw caution to the wind when trying to find an internship. There’s a ton of people going after them, but if you put the time in, you might just stumble upon the opportunity of a lifetime.


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