New Leadership Brings New Challenges

With the NFL regular season over, it’s time for bad teams to get rid of their bad coaches. The Browns went 5-11 this year, just like they did in 2009, and that was enough to fire head coach Eric Mangini.

This means that the players in Cleveland–the hopeful superstars like Colt McCoy and the breakout players like Peyton Hillis–must deal with a new leader and a new system.

Whoever Cleveland hires, the new guy will bring change. He’ll bring a new style and a new playbook, and it will be up to the Browns players to adapt to this unfamiliarity.

While it may not happen as much in the business world, people in sales sometimes have to deal with new leadership as well. If a boss isn’t meeting his overall quota, or if he’s proven to be an ineffective motivator, he might find himself sitting in the unemployment office.

But with a change in who’s in charge of the salesmen, what does that mean for the people whose job it is to sell the company product?

Well, the answer is ambiguous. It depends on how the old boss ran things, and it depends on how the new boss runs things. It’s likely that a sales person will find him/herself dealing with a leader who expects more while meddling less.

A salesperson might be required to do more research, or might need to find motivation in other places. The new boss might encourage more working in teams, or less. It’s impossible to say, really, but what’s certain is that the salespeople must be able to adapt.

Whatever the new boss brings, they have to alter their work style to meet these new demands. It’s just like how it is in football, when a new coach offers new expectations for his players.

If a player, or a salesperson for that matter, can’t adapt to what change brings, how effective can that person be? How much can that person contribute to the overall goals of the organization?


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