Dad’s Weekend Lunch Re-Play

Saturday, January 22, 2011 held the 4th annual Dad’s weekend lunch.  Since my parents come to every type of parents weekend together, my mother tagged along this weekend as well.  So, it was actually the Dad’s weekend lunch, plus Cheryl Cappello.  I could not wait to get to the lunch and have my parents sit there and hear students, and Mr. Hartung talk about their experiences within TSC.  Everyone knows this program is not the easiest to explain to your parents so it was nice to have some lunch over it and help them realize what a great program we have here at Ohio University.

After a quick pop-quiz by Mr. Hartung, Chris Teodori  started off the morning discussing how TSC works.  He broke it down describing our student run business, how we get our money, the process of getting new corporate partners, and our fair un-fair advantage.  Teodori told a quick story about how his slacker roommate asked him for professional help before an interview.  Teodori reminded his slacker roommate of an exercise he learned through TSC, dealing with making note cards with certain words describing you, then write a story on the back of the particular word.  You use this many times in interviews just playing each card.  It can also help you with an elevator speech!

Next, DJ Hasselbusch the chair of TSC gave his testimonial about what TSC means to him.  Coming in his freshman year DJ says, “I may have played too many video games, woke up too late, and was on Court Street too much.”  Being one of the first members of his family attending college, and now the chair of a prestigious competitive program, we can all say we are very proud of DJ.  He states “After getting into TSC, everything clicked into place.”  I must say, the same exact thing happened for me.  TSC picked many people off their feet and dove in to grab that motivation that had been hiding.

Rachael Foster then discussed an event called, “Business Core Work-Shop,” which was held this past fall.  We were taught how to walk into a room full of people, and how to literally work the room.  Tom James Company at the end of the night taught us the fundamentals of  professional dress for males and females.  This is an example of one of our many fair un-fair advantages we are exposed to being in TSC.

We were then asked to discuss with our parents what TSC has done for us.  I personally told my parents it gave me direction and many open doors, that may have been closed before, or I was just in the wrong building!  Sarah Prendeville’s dad spoke afterwards saying how he has never seen the confidence she has now after being in TSC, and he can tell that is what she gained from this certificated program.


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