How to Carpe Diem: Seizing the Coach & Candidate opportunity

Written By: Ryan McDonald & Sarah Prendeville

The Coach & Candidate program was established in 2003 as the official mentorship program between members of the Professional Sales Advisory Board and senior Sales Centre candidates. This year the program expanded to juniors to accommodate the increase in coaches participating. This year was the largest ever with 29 coaches and candidates working together to form lifelong professional relationships. In addition to the professional relationships gained, 14 candidates created professional portfolios to be entered in the “More than Kaple-able” professional portfolio competition named after program steering committee member and Integrated Management Systems Partner, Greg Kaple.

For the last few years the winner of the Coach & Candidate professional portfolio completion has presented their portfolio to Integrated Management Systems on Wall Street in New York City and that tradition will be continued this year.  As Co-Directors we have introduced new traditions we hope continue in the future including the Sales Centre’s first webinar “How to Coach & Candidate,” the 1st Annual Coach & Candidate Coffee, which is the first meeting between possible coaches and candidates and the C&C logo above. The Coach & Candidate program is leveraging the next generation of social media,, for its voting procedure. Coaches and other Professional Sales Advisory Board members are encouraged to vote for their top three portfolios by February 11th. The top three portfolios will then enter the final round of voting which includes a portfolio focused interview. The final round of voting will conclude March 13th. If you would like to view the Coach & Candidate Slideshare group email


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