Who Was Your Mentor?

Being the youngest of two other Cappello daughters, I have looked up to my sisters as mentor’s my whole life.  Any situation I was going through, my sisters would mentor me through it the entire way.  When it came to choosing a college, getting involved, and starting to network as soon as possible.

I blame my sisters for the drivenness I had planted inside of me before I set foot on this campus.  They have taught me life lesson after life lesson for the past twenty years of my life.071

Relationship management, mentors, and gateway’s to the professional world.  These three key statements are ideal as to what Corporate Partners mean to us SCC’s.

Relationship Management
Whether if it is during our annual Corporate Partner Career Fair, or during a visit at our Monday night meetings, relationship’s are being implemented between Partners and SCC’s.  We are constantly learning how to build successful long term relationships within our network through TSC.  Corporate Partners allow us to start early in maintaining business related mutual relationships.

One of the greatest parts of TSC is the amount of mentor-ship that is offered with our Corporate Partners.  Our Coach and Candidate program is a way for SCC’s to be mentored through their senior year by a PSAB member.  Many of our PSAB members are Corporate Partners.  We look up to them as to where they are now, and exactly they got there as they coach us through the process.

Gateway’s to the Professional World
As mentor’s, Corporate Partners can lead us into the right direction for the perfect career path.  Being in our shoes just a few years ago, they know the in’s and out’s of interviewing and what companies are best for you, individually.  We may fall in love with the business ethics which match up with our own, spotting opportunities as we move along.

Let’s flip the relationship, how do we SCC’s help out our Corporate Partner?

  • We are trained possible new-hires for their companies.
  • We can mentor Corporate Partners with new up to date technologies used in the business world.
  • Provide new insights with various problems that need to be solved.
  • A new fresh face to get involved.
  • Quality in leadership and determined sales students.

Was there someone who inspired you to do what you are doing at this moment in your life?  How did you get starter?  What motivated you to get started?


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