You Have Been Accepted by the Luci Shey Sales Centre! Now What??

1. Introduce Yourself – introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Introduce yourself to fellow new hires. Introduce yourself to fellow members. Introduce yourself to the cabinet. Introduce yourself to professors. Introduce yourself to corporate partners. Introduce yourself to EVERYONE! Building relationships is only going to benefit yourself in understanding, organizing, and advancing through an organization and through life.

2. Ask Questions – Every question is a smart question. Ask any questions you are not clear on. There is an abundance of information, events, and partners involved with your success within the Luci Schey Sales Centre, ask them about it. By asking questions, you are able to get a full grasp on the objectives and goals of the organization as a whole. Information becomes clear, you become more comfortable, you begin to grow. Asking questions will benefit your success by relating given information to your own personal goals.

3. You – Transit into some deep self-reflection and self-actualization. By doing this I do not mean to go stare at yourself in the mirror pondering. When I say do some “soul-searching” be selfish. Find out what you really love. Find out what you love to do, or what you are good at. Figuring out who you are, complete with your strengths and weaknesses. By reflecting on yourself, you are establishing future personal goals while becoming more comfortable and confident on the road to your future success.

4. Get Involved – You now know you’re awesome. You’ve self-reflected discovering your strengths or what you would like to be better at doing. You know your interests, and you know you. GET INVOLVED. Use who you are and what you love to become further involved within the organization working with other people. By getting involved you are able to collaborate with others, provide alternative opinions, and get some real-hands on experiences. By getting involved you show initiative, leadership, and teamwork. By getting involved you will establish greater and closer relationships within the organization and stand out to fellow members, and partners.

5. Own it – You are devoting a lot of time to an organization, gaining a variety of knowledge and experiences. Own it! Share with others your hard work and involvement. By sharing your growth and success employers and professors are impressed while peers are wondering how they can become involved. Keep pushing yourself further, you have proved so much already.


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