Does Anybody Notice Me?

Blending into the crowd happens all too often! Has it happened to you? When you walk into a room of 150 people you hardly know where do you sit? Well here’s the deal…sit where you want but make sure everyone sees you.

If that doesn’t really make sense to you then keep on reading. If it does make sense to you then please keep on reading!


If you want to be noticed you make it happen yourself. How? Use these three tips to get started!


Using the example of walking into a room of 150 people…whether you choose to sit in the very first row or in the back of the room you better catch everyone’s eyes before you take a seat. Sounds pretty silly but believe me…it matters. It matters because it is human nature to read non-verbals as well as remember faces before names. Now, if you could care less about getting noticed….consider reevaluating that decision!


Typical interview question: “Tell us when you have done something for the betterment of a team you were on without being asked to do so.”

Well? What’s your answer? If you don’t have one then you better start working harder. Here’s an example of what I did to get noticed in The Sales Centre. The very first quarter I got into the program I chose to call on The Cleveland Indians to invest in recruiting our students. That phone call was nothing short of a disaster!!! However, when I interviewed for a leadership position everyone in the room answered the question above for me, “Tell us about your experience calling on The Cleveland Indians” …. dumbfounded! Guess what though….I’m currently sitting in a leadership role 🙂


by: Jiri "Bernie" Bernovsky

Last but not least! Be yourself! Seems to be a pretty standard piece of advice right? However, in this context the reason you need to be yourself is because you are developing the person people are going to remember. Why on Earth waste your time and energy on being someone that’s not truly you. I have met a lot of people who wear themselves out being fake all the time because they think it is what other people are attracted to. Honestly … most people see right through the act. So make sure when you are being noticed that is you not some alter ego of yours!

Now that you know some easy steps to getting noticed you might ask yourself what’s the purpose? Not only will it help your confidence but it will also help when you decide to apply for a leadership role in The Sales Centre. I say “when” because if you are reading this post you are clearly invested in the program.

One last piece of advice: if you are planning on running for a leadership role and you are looking for ways to get noticed I suggest you leave a comment on this post!!!


7 responses to “Does Anybody Notice Me?

  1. I completely agree with your third point. A HUGE part of choosing a company you want to work for is understanding the culture of that company and deciding if it is a good fit for you! If you continually act like someone you are not, what happens when you get the job and they find out you aren’t who you pretended to be in your interview. Be who you are!! I know for me that is why I got my summer internship. The recruiter told me that they feel as though my personality will fit in well with their company! By being myself, I got the internship I wanted!!!

  2. I love you’re second tip! If you don’t go above and beyond expectations, the bar where your standards are set will continue to drop lower and lower.

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