Annual Sales Conference, Hosted by Bill Barr

When asked to give up a Saturday for a professional education event, many would need convincing to attend. After all, what could possibly be more attractive than hitting that snooze button all morning and catching up on lost rest? What if I said the event would not only benefit your career but also develop sales techniques and interpersonal communication skills?

Would you make you’re way to the door then?

What if I said we can accomplish all of these things while playing a board game that not only is a blast to play, but also provides experience in dealing with high pressure situations and still managing to come on top?

Last Weekend, the Schey Sales Centre hosted just such an event.

The Schey Sales Centre’s annual Sales Conference, Hosted by Bill Barr, founder of Handel Barr Learning, Inc., allowed students to show their competitive side by playing “The Race” which is a board game developed by Bill and his company that involves every aspect of the sales process while demanding strategy and a desire to learn by the participants.

As stated on the official Sales Candy blog, Bill had a few words to say about the atmosphere of the event and seemed to be impressed with the candidates in attendance, stating that “These college students give me hope that the sales profession of the future is in good hands. they are articulate, bright, well informed and know how to sell. All you need to do is show them what you sell and watch them produce.”

Overall, Bill’s presentation left a huge impact on our program, breaking down the sales process into a fun and truly unique method of teaching. Enthusiasm filled the room which could only have been a result of the student’s ambition and the lively attitude of our remarkable speaker.

Lately, you’ve probably been asked “how do you play the game?” Here is a video highlighting how the Schey Sales Centre candidates do just that.

How do you play The Game?

Director/Editior/DP- Nate Marshall


One response to “Annual Sales Conference, Hosted by Bill Barr

  1. This video is great! I was at the event and the video captured and summarized the event perfectly! Well done, Nate!

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