How to Keep in Contact with Corporate Partners… without being annoying!

Networking is what we do in TSC.  Is there a point when you are being nagging or annoying?  There is and there isn’t, depending how much you contact them.  So when is enough, enough?  The biggest networking opportunities we have twice a year are the Annual Corporate Partner Career Fairs in Fall and Winter.  So you talk to the companies and made some good connections, leave the career fair, now what?


Follow-Up Email

It is best to send a quick follow-up email to everyone you talked to at the Career Fair.  Make sure to jot down notes on your padfolio about the company, so when you email them, you have something unique to say about your talk.  Standing out is a great way to get your foot in the door.  Also thanking them for their continuous participation with TSC show’s appreciation.

Hand Written Note
For the companies you had a strong connection with, send them a hand written letter.  You can be a little more personal in these written notes since you had a great conversation with the company, and maybe a leeway to an internship or job.  In the letter, once again thanking them will show appreciation for their participation.

If you do not hear back, it is fine.  Unless you asked for a follow up you may not get a response since most of these letters and emails are thanking them for their time.  Do not be offended if you wrote them a letter and receive nothing in the mail.  There are many students sending them mail, its the time you took writing the letter that shows your appreciation.


Automatically Request a Linked-In or Facebook Request
I have heard from many professional speakers, the one thing they hate is when they get a linked-in notification for someone they just met.  Students do not realize during our Career Fairs, they have been to many other schools and see new faces every day.  They usually do not remember you until at least a second meeting.  Unless they tell you to either Facebook them or linked-in request them, it is suggested you wait until the relationship is stronger.

Continue emailing after No Response
Like I said above, you may or may not receive a response.  The way I take it is if they are not responding, this is a bad time to be networking because markets are busy.  They would shove you off anyway.  Leave it at a thank-you and if its the right time, they will respond.


After you complete the do’s and don’ts, you will be surprised as to the feedback you get the next run in.  It is all about keeping up and with and continuing the relationship.  When the time is right, then all of your letters, emails, and small talk will be worth while!


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