A Message from the Sales Centre’s Vice Chair

Many times you can be overwhelmed by the amount of content on the web that is  impersonal and unrelated to your specific goals. At the Schey Sales Centre, we believe in providing valuable information and career advice that anyone can obtain. We are real students with a clear message.

Here is a personal message from blog contributor and Vice Chair, Chelsea Kovak on what the Sales Centre means to her. This video is an opportunity to gain valuable insight on our program and to learn a little more about the students who keep it running. It’s this kind of dedication that makes the Schey Sales Centre what it is today.

This video was taken as a part of a blog workshop conducted by Social Media Strategist and Schey Sales Centre PSAB board member, Nate Riggs. You can read more about Nate Riggs at his website http://nateriggs.com/.



2 responses to “A Message from the Sales Centre’s Vice Chair

  1. Nice post and video Chelsea. I like it because it’s authentic. I went to Otterbein for school, and had I known about the Sales Centre at OU, I probably would have spent my college years in Athens. Solid program, best-of-breed faculty, and above all else, GREAT student leaders…

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