Order-Up, TSC Juicy Double

Structure can be the hardest thing to understand when first coming into an organization or job.   I have always been a visual learner and use my creative side to understand just about everything.  New Hires of The Sales Centre have a hard time completely understanding the structure of TSC, so I am going to do my best and visualize it for you reader!

A cheeseburger.

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Who’s Hungry?

TSC is set up a lot like a big juicy cheeseburger.

How so?

First thing first, we need the beef or veggie patty.  This is where all of SCC falls into place.  Without any of the SCC’s, there would be no main reason for TSC.

Okay what’s next?

Toppings, which are the CAC. These are the leaders of TSC which help make the organization flow together. CAC Directors, or the cheese, help melt communicate to their teams, which is every SCC.

Let’s Ketchup

So we have the beef or veggie patty which is all of SCC, then we have the communicators, CAC Directors, playing the role of the cheese.

Lettuce continue,

The Cabinet, involving the four VP’s of each committee, create awareness to their CAC Directors of what the organization is moving toward.  They help lead their team’s so everyone is on the same page in TSC.  These four are the lettuce, since they canopy over the rest.

Before we serve we need…

The two slices of thick bread.  This is the Chair and Vice Chair of TSC.  These two keep everything together and are in charge of everyone as a whole.  They hold everyone together with encouraging support!

Next time you eat a cheeseburger, or veggie burger, think of all the hard work that was put into making it a great bite, just like TSC’s structure!


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